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 Now Huggables has merged with Etsi to create Etsihug mom and daughter capsule collection We love to play pretend and what better way to treasure the memories than imprint them onto wearable ETSI Hug art?

  • Bring on high heels, red lipstick, cat eye sunglasses, and role play with your little ones will be as much fun as you make it.

    Nurture the bond, embrace the moment, wear, share, play and love. With ETSI Hug.


  • Huggables offers a wide range of bags and clothes,it is fun quirky and fashionable. Huggables has created catchy characters that fit all occasions.

    Check our new Princess inspired dresses, Hawaiian, Indian or oriental outfits for all kids in the world!!

    My concept started with creating bags to place all kids belongings starting with shoe, doll, princess, sports, laundry and sleepover bags and matching it with our tops dresses and pajamas.

    The character Naya changes her clothes according to the theme of the outfit ,one day she is oriental, then she changes into Hawaiian, princess and fairies. Princess Naya is funky, cool and outgoing she always breaks the rules and wants to runaway from her castle by the sea.

    Huggables does not only keep up with the fashion trends by keeping him or her accessorized all year long but Huggables knows what your kids love and wants! This is why it brought and turned his world into reality!